This is one of my favorite sites. And it's not a hugely oversaturated website either. Mano means Hand. Hence ManoJob is a Handjob. There's something special about a girl jerking your cock. Especially when that girl is talking dirty to you while she does it. I don't know if it also hits home so well becuase it's usually the first sexual act that most people have. I would thing a girl giving a hand job comes before a guy getting to put his fingers in her snatch. But who knows, times are changing and some people thing Anal sex isn't really sex, so GOD won't send them to hell if they have ANAL. What a joke.

Most all of the girls on Mano Job are shot in the POV style (Point of View) so it's like you're the one she's looking at. It's like you're the one getting your dick carressed. Right now there are over 250 exclusive movies on this site. That's quite a lot, and they're adding 2 every week. That is another nice thing about it. These movies of Abbey pulling on your cock are awesome. Jump on over and visit their site to see a lot more!

Let's talk about Abbey Brooks's scene for I like to start out with some teaser pics. So the first pic is simple enough. Just a nice portrait of Abbey and she's smiling like she has something dirty on her mind. Maybe she's thinking about taking off her clothes and getting naked. The 2nd picture confirm that I can read her mind. She's stripping her top off and starting to unleash her gigantic natural tits. Good girl. Let the girls out, let them show off a bit. And of course the third image is showing it all. Both of the DD tits in all their glory. All natural, all perfect and I wish they were all mine. Abbey, when you're in my part of town, stop by my house, and let the girls say hi to me!

The next couple of pictures are more of Abbey's tits. I just drool over them. Sorry if you think I posted too many of just her tits. But I figure if you're a fan, you can't get enough of her tits either. So I will post them. Plus, this is my fucking site. I can post whatever pics I want heheh. JK. The last pic in the second set of three is where the action starts. Abbey has a cock out (I like to pretend it's mine, and I suggest you imagine it's yours). Abbey has my dick in her hand and they way she's licking her lips while she looks at it turns me on even more. I want her to put my cock in her mouth so bad, but alas I'm only getting a handjob from her. In the next image, you can see that Abbie has both her hands wrapped around my dick. She's talking dirty to me. Asking me if what she's doing is making me hard. She's telling me that she wishes my dick was in her pussy right now. She's all wet waiting for me. And that's right about the time I lose control and blow all my man chowder on her natural boobs. I love the way she's smiling at me too. She is so happy that she made me cum. She's so happy that she pleased her man and earned my hot seed on her chest. And finally, she wants the moment to last a little longer. So she rubs my jizz all over her tits. Playing with it. Tasting some of it. And of course rubbing her nipples as she does it. Abbey I love you, thanks so much for all the cum I have dumped thinking of you. Without that, I would have a severe case of blue balls.

cum on the tits of abbey


Abbey wearing some sexy stockings

Stockings looks great on Abbey's Legs

I'm a fairly young guy. And I've never hooked up with a chick that wore stockings. It seems a little "mature". And girls my age aren't into that. I really wish they were though. A

Stockings are Hot
Handjob by Abbey


I love a good handjob. I love the way a girl can gently stoke my cock while looking me in the eye. I love having a girl only want one thing from me, my cum. No need to please her.

She strokes one
Abbey Brooks with a dick between her boobs

Abbey pics from

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School Girl Abbey

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