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Here's a site that really knows what it's doing. Not only do they get some of the hottest girls on the internet like, Puma Swede, Jenny Hendrix, Audrey Bitoni, Bree Olson and Abbey... but they make the beautiful girls looks drop dead gorgeous. And they don't make them looks like porn whores. There's nothing I hate more than a site that takes a really hot girl and makes her look like a cheap 10$ hooker. Back to the hot busty babes at Aziani. Specificall Abbey. In this set of pictures she's poolside at some mansion in the hills. The backdrop is stunning but not as much as stunning as the subject. Abbey is wearing a black net bikini that shows just enough, but doesn't give everything away. Yah she gets totally naked and shows off those perfect natural DD tits, but you can get teased a bit if you look at the first few clothed pics... if you can call those clothed. Please take a few seconds to check out all of Abbey's photoshoots here!

Some of the pics of Abbey that I chose, were selected because she had a "cute" look on her face. You see I like to see famous porn stars looking normal. I don't really like it much when they have their Oh Face, or Model Pose. Besides looking un-natural, they most times look kinda ugly. When I see a super hot babe having fun or being "Real" it's so much better than the opposite. The first and second picture below are borderline of what I don't like. The second pic is just about there actually. That puckered lip look, trying to look sexy thing... But the third pic I really enjoy. It looks like she's having fun. It looks like a face I would see at a pool party in my home town. It makes me feel like I could approach Abbey with a backyard margarita and be comfortable.

big pic of Abbey from

What a great pic. I like that whole magazine cover shoot thing. It gives the image a tad more personality. And Abbey couldn't be looking any hotter. This is one of those pictures that really teases the viewer (that's you) and makes you want to yell "TAKE IT OFF" to the monitor. I don't know which I would strip off her first, the tiny black bikini bottoms, or the top which would unleash those DD tits so I could handle them myself.

I love that Boob Smash pic. Everything about it is perfect. First of all, Abbey looks very cute, almost wholesome. And the way she's pushing her natural breats together to create that awesome line of clevage... well I almost lost my load when I saw it. It's that good of a pic. That's the face of a girl I want to make sweet love to. Next up is the pussy floss picture. The one where Abbey is creating a little bit of a camel toe. I happen to be a fan of camel toes, but unfortuneatley it looks like Abbey is a bit uncomfortable here. And she has that funny looking O-face. The last close-up shot is awesome. It's sort of arty, but super seductive. That little black triangle of mesh black bikini shows just a bit of her bush and pussy lips. Tease me some more!

You've heard enough about what I like for now. With that in mind, I posted the next image in this Abbey Brooks Aziani series because of someting a friend of mine told me. I was showing off some images of Abbey to him and he told me what his favorite pose is. But it's only with certain chicks. They have to be a C Cup atleast he says. But when they chick is bending over and her boobs are hanging infront of her, he loses his mind. He is a clevage fan. And who can blame him. There's not a whole lot sexier than the crease a set of big natural boobs create of a beautiful woman's chest. The shot of her pulling her black bikini bottoms down just enough to show you the top of her bush is one of my favorite poses. It's like she's telling me to jump in and fuck her hard with my big cock. I really wish that is what Abbey was saying, cause I would love to fuck her hard. All with a smile on her face too. Good girl Abbey.

As things get going a little further, Abbey wants to be naked. So she takes off everything, except her shoes of course. Those calf high leather boots are very hot. This time Abbey Brooks bends over the teacher's desk and lets him fuck her from behind. She likes it rough and tells the school master to go all out on her. And he gives it everything he's got. She gets so worked up and wants it even harder that she puts one leg up on the desk and tells him to pound her pink pussy like the star quarterback would. She finishes him off by riding him hard. And you can tell she loves fucking his dick. He quickly stand up to blow his "school" load all over her face. And Abbey being the good bad girl that she is, takes it all. And even swallows some in the process. No call home, plenty of car time, and she's looking forward to having sex again this weekend.

So more is what Abbey will give. More than more, she is going to give up everything. Which means she will lay on her back and get fucked like the naughty girl she is. As she lays across his desk, she can feel his huge dick fill out her pink pussy. And she loves every minute of it. And she wants it to last. She moves around a bit knowing that too much fucking time in the same place usually makes a man lose his load. So first it was slightly sideways, and then she lies completely flat and gets fucked for a while. Then she decides she wants to be in control a bit and she climbs on top of her school master and flaps her big tits around. Abbey loves getting fucked, every minute of it.


look at how big Abbey's tits look

Abbey's Giant Tits Poppin

With a name like "Busty Cafe" you can tell this site has some potential. It feature all natural girls showing off their huge love melons. These pictures are well light and look great.

Abbey's Melons
Brooks in a black mesh bikini


If you have never seen before, then you are missing out. Some of the best shot stuff out there. Everything is done so well and it makes the hot girls look even hotter!

Black Bikini
God she looks hot here

Abbey has Perfect
DD Tits

This picture is so hot. This one pic has the right about of tease factor. It's not giving away everything, it's making you want to see more. And who wouldn't want to see more?

Abbey looking HOT

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