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Abbey Brooks Fisting

Does Abbey really fist her self in those movies above? We can all hope for the best right. But I'm sure we both know that she won't be jamming her fist into her cooch today. She probably never really will. But I can tell you that she does like to get 3-4 fingers in her twat at a time. You can tell from the spreading pic abouve that she's ready to put those 3 fingers right in. And if you go over to and watch the members exclusive movies, that's just what you will see. I personally used their free trial and checked out what they ahd to offer. I didn't plan on staying a member, but after I saw the quality and quantity of movies and pics, I changed my mind. I never get sick of their members area. Not only do they have the uber hot Abbey Brooks, but they also have girls like Jenny Hendrix, Bree Olson, Gianna Michaels and more and more ... They're all set in gorgeous backdrops, they're all dressed to the nines. Even though all the scenes are solo masturbatino and pretty girl pics, they are one of the best sites in that niche. Enough about their site, let's talk about mine.

I really like this first pic. Just that smart assed smile that Abey Brooks has on her face makes me smile. I wonder WTF she's thinking to herself. For some reason I think that's the look she would give me if I dropped my pants and showed her my cock. She would say something like... Are you supposed to be able to make me cum with that tiny thing? Or even more simplistic, "You're joking right"? It's ok. I would give Abbey all 4"s of my white cock. And as long as I shot a stream of cum on her tits, I would be happy. The second photo is exactly where I would shoot my load. Right on those NATURAL DD or E (depending on who you believe) SIZED TITS. I like the little black teddy that Abbey has on. They're trying to hide her belly a little bit. I'm sure the director is used to anorexic porno sluts and isn't used to what a real woman looks like. To me, a natural girl is the hottest. I like a little meat on her bones. I don't want her looking like a cracked out whore. But all in all the director only tried to hide it subtley by using that flowy teddy. Atleast he didn't try to put her in a girdle or something dumb like that. This third picture is what I like to call the porno DSL (dick sucking lips) pic. All porno girls have this pose. Actually I think all models, porn girls and girls in general have this pose. It's like those shows on Discovery, when they're wathing birds in the wild and they puff out their chest, or ruffle their feathers to get the attention of a possible mate. That's all these girls do. IF there was a show that aliens watched on the mating rituals of humans, that DSL face would be a main topic forsure. LOL

Ah, now look at the free pictures below. You will see more of what I was refering to in the second pic from above. The flowing dress to try and hide Abbey's curves. You can see that ABBEY looks a bit thicker than most porn girls. And like I said before, most porn girls look like they are on crack, or really are on crack. So they're boney. Not Abbey though. She looks like what a real woman should look like. And I know that the director is trying to playcate the standard porno surfer by hiding what might be mistaken as "fat". But for 99% of the people out there, Abbey is perfectally proportionate. I would chew on her ass for days I tell ya. The middle image in this row is sort of more of the same. Yah she's got huge tits, and yah she's looking really hot. But this is what seperates her from other big titted gals out there. Her smile is perfect. It doesn't look forced or silly, and she's not trying to look "hot". Last image is were we start to see some skin, and nipple. Abbey has the right side of her teddy pulled down so you can see her huge right knocker. Plus that cute little smile to go along with it. I want to pull down the left side now and shoot my cum all over her gian fun pillows.

Now there are 6 more pics above for me to review and add my captions for. Do you really want to read all of that? I didn't think so, SO I will only be going over a couple of them. Abbey looks hot in each one, but think on your own for once. Add your own silly captions in your head. It will help get your cock hard. The first pic I want to talk about though is the one on the far left with her laying down looking at the camera. When you click on the full image, you will see how perfect this picture is. I'm no fag but I noticed that the bedding is perfect. All the interior decorating of the studio or house she's in is perfect and the set is beautiful. That just sets the stage for the main focus. Abbey is stunning in this pic. She looks like a goddess. Abbey's giant tits are ripe for sucking on. She's pulling off her black teddy so you can slip your cock deep inside her pussy. Her face is calling to you. Come and fuck me. And in the next 2 pictures that's what she's getting ready for. For you to fuck her hard. In order to do that, she slides her see through black panties down around her ankles and shows off her nicely shaven pussy lips. I almost lose my load thinking about it.

The last row of pics showcases Abbey showing off her blad pussy. That first pic is interesting because it's not a position I have come across before. But I would like to fuck Abbey with one leg up. Plus I can start to see her brown eye winking at me. Too bad there isn't much Abbey Brooks Anal stuff out there. I would send it to the top of my site.

Here's some close up shots of Abbey's shaven pussy. And in that middle one, it's open for you. You can literally see how wet it is and just how easliy your cock can slide into it. Plus her tight little butthole is nice too. I would plow that with my man seed. And in the last pic you will start to see Abbey getting ready to get 3 fingers inside her. She's likes them big, so if you're hung 3 fingers wide I would suggest emailing her and letting her know. Also tell her how much is in your bank account... That's important too. Too bad there's no tight asshole peaking out in that last pic.


Abbie fingers herself and gets felt up

She has Monster Curves

MONSTER CURVES, you have to say it in a cookie monster type voice. Anyway, these are great movies shot in a beautiful poolside location. Abbey looks great of course and she gets her brains fucked out. Watch her huge tits get bounced around as she takes a hard cock.

Abbey Fucked
Upshot with panties still on


From one of the longest running sites out there,, we get a nice treat. Abbey is wearing a nice see through baby doll dress, but then quickly takes it off so she can play with herself. This upshot pic of her taking down her panties is a winner in my book.

Brooks Panties
Abbey lying on her back

I'll take her on her back

I really like this picute of Abbey. I think it's because I haven't seen one like it on the other sites. I would figure there would be atleast a few like this out there. I also like how "soft" this picture is. It giving off a very innocent vibe. And it's like she's calling to me to come and fuck her.

Abbey Brooks Tits

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