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I have been going to IKEA for the past year looking for a table that would hold my beer a still look as good as the picture above. Still nothing, maybe oneday they will carry the Abbey Table 2000 that will not only look uber hot, but also hold your beers close to her heart. So what we have here, as you can see, is yet another solo set with Abbey. To be honest there is only so many ways you can make a solo model bend, show off, and maturbate before everything starts to look the same. But Abbey has a great look and I'm sure many sites were counting on making a killing when they shot her. But what's funny is that she went from being a no one, to being the biggest solo model on the net in the matter of weeks. If you looks at FreeOnes she's usually up top for the Babes and Pornstars section. good for her though. It's not everyday that a non-hardcore girl gets up that high on the list. But that's not to say Abbey has never done any hardcore stuff. Cause I have HARDCORE ABBEY BROOKS stuff! There isn't much of it though. Browsing around today I found a couple more sites that I have to add to my dicography of Abbey. Keep your eyes on that hardcore section coming soon to a computer screen infront of you!

After all the fetishy stuff that Abbey has done for solo sites, it's nice to see her wearing her white cotton panties. Sure it's cool to see her all leather clad with a mask on. Or with a pair of 4" heels on tramping all around a empty warehouse somewhere. But everyone is going that route. I bet you this is the outfit Abbey wears to bed. In her real life. Anytime you get a glimpse of a hot chicks real life, a pornstars real life or any stars real life you start to become attached to them. You start to think that you know them, or know what they would like. "if I met abbey, I would know exactly what to say to her" I hear that type of shit all the time. But 9/10 times they're so wrong. ONLY I KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO HER LOL. The next pic is another one of the "set your beer on my tits" pics. Her tits must be sticking out like 2 feet from her face. Can she even see anything below her with those giant melons attached to her chest? I would think no way. But not only does Abbey have giant titties, her ass is banging too. I didn't know a white girl could pack that much ass. But then again it's not like Abbey is a small girl by any means. But damn, I could suck on her left ass cheek for atleast an hour. And I know she would love every minute of it.

This next photo is a bit too posey for me. Remember in school when you had to get your pictures taken? Or your little league pics. The dumb photographer would say some shit like "Ok, now point your chin down. Point your left shoulder up, and turn your chest towards me." By the end of the photo session you felt like you played a game of twister with the instuctors at Bihkram Yoga or something. If it was a little league baseball pic, you never looked like you could even play baseball in those pics. If you stood like that and took a pitch, you would be laughed off the field. Sorry Abbey, this isn't your best pic, but it isn't your fault hunny. Fire that photographer. The next pic is a fun one. You get to look up her shirt and see what heaven looks like. Looking up you get a glimpse of the 2 angels that are on Abbey's chest. And herlight pink nipples are nice too. The last photo is a bit of a mystery to me. Why is she kneeling? I would love to think it's cause she wants to blow me while on her knees, but there isn't a guy near her to suck off. Did she drop her car keys on the floor during the shoot and now she's searching for them? All of these are valid answers. Abbey still does look hot her though. Her middle section is perfectly proportionate to the rest of her body. This is what Michelangleo would call "Mama Mia, Spicey Meatball". I love it too Mike.

Another nice upshot of her tits. I am beginning to really like these images. Plus her panties being pulled down halfway is a major turn on too. Her pussy is just barely out of site. It really teases me and makes me want to join the site right? I suppose. But the next abbey brooks pic ia little better. Because I'm an ass man myself. I like a nice little brown star starring at me from the distance. And that blad clam under her asshole looks nice too. I would prolly finger her asshole while eating her fluffy calm delight. Hey abbey, why did you leave your socks on? Are you doing this shoot in Greenland (remember greenland is icey and Iceland is green!)? Or did the photographer just not realise that your little cotton socks were still on. Maybe you have dirty feet. I doubt that though. The last pic is a total pussy teasing pic. I can tell that she's shaven, and well I know she is because of all the other images I found where Abbey shows off her cunt. No hair. I like how these panties roll down though. Look at the way they roll down her leg. Maybe they're like elastic or some shit. I thought they were cotton panties though. Another hot pic of her though.


Upshot with panties still on

Black Thong Panties Rule

From one of the longest running sites out there,, we get a nice treat. Abbey is wearing a nice see through baby doll dress, but then quickly takes it off so she can play with herself. This upshot pic of her taking down her panties is a winner in my book.

Brooks Panties
Abbey lying on her back

I'll take her on her back

I really like this picute of Abbey. I think it's because I haven't seen one like it on the other sites. I would figure there would be atleast a few like this out there. I also like how "soft" this picture is. It giving off a very innocent vibe. And it's like she's calling to me to come and fuck her.

Abbey Brooks Tits
Handjob by Abbey

Abbey gives an awesome handjob

I love a good handjob. I love the way a girl can gently stoke my cock while looking me in the eye. I love having a girl only want one thing from me, my cum. No need to please her.

She strokes one

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